Guillaume REMY

GIS Architect

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GIS expert with experience in all aspects of software engineering, I am motivated by the resolution of complex problems and by the creation of useful, robust and intuitive tools. I evolve in my professional life with pragmatism and creativity, with the main objective of user satisfaction.

GIS Expert

ArcGis (Desktop, Server, APIs, ArcPy)
GeoDatabases (Oracle, SQL, PostGIS)
ThinkGeo MapSuite, Intergraph G/Technology, NTS, OL3, Leaflet, GeoServer

Software Expert

OOP, Design Patterns, SOA
Architecture, Continuous integration
HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, Python


About 1000 hours of teaching
Good relational skills
Lecturer for GIS events
Process Com' Training


Creativity is not just an accident.
You can train it.
Every day.

I'm just a man

I'm 36. I am married, and I have 2 children (5 and 7 years old).
I live in France (Alsace), and I just enjoy leaving in the countryside.
I like to play badminton, to solve puzzles, to play board games with real people.
I like geography. I like travelling and discovering the world too.
I also read quite a bit : science aticles, novels, mangas.
Cooking and eating delicious meals is also a big part of my being. Pizza is my religion.
What else ? I don't smoke, I don't really like soccer, and I'm not on Facebook.

Hey... Who wrote this ? That's just like me !


2017GIS Architect and project manager
2012GIS Architect
2008Software Engineer, GIS Expert
2005Software Engineer and junior project manager
2003Software Engineer

Realized Projects

Tendering, project management, usecases definition, time estimation, architecture, UI design, development, translations, deliveries preparation, installations, support, training.
I was involved in many projects, for different customers, in diverse domains.
Here are some of them.

  • Management of soft mobility routes and signalisation (walking, hiking, bike, moutain bike, ...) for the Swiss Federal Roads Office
  • GIS Architect
    .NET Engineer
    In charge of Geodata Infrastructure
    Releases administrator
    User Trainer
    Support (level 3)
  • Technologies : Esri ArcGis, Network Analyst, WMTS, C#/.NET, WCF, MVVM, Python, Oracle, nHibernate
  • MORE
  • KUBA
  • Management of bridges and tunnels for the Swiss Federal Roads Office

  • GIS Specialist
    .NET Engineer
    In charge of Continious Integration
    Releases administrator
    Translations management

  • Technologies : ThinkGeo MapSuite, WMS, WFS, C#/.NET, WCF, WPF, Oracle Locator, MS-SQL
  • MORE
  • S3
  • In charge of the annual migration of business data of a road network, when basis geometries change.

  • GIS Architect
    Migrations Administrator
    Defining technical requirements
    Complex spatial algorithms

  • Technologies : Esri ArcGis, C#/.NET, Python, Oracle, PL/SQL, ShapeLib, Network Analyst, Spatial Analyst
  • MORE
  • GED
  • Document Management System realized for Sita-FD (Suez Group)
  • Project Manager
    .NET Engineer
    Users Trainer
    Support (level 2 & 3)
  • Technologies : C#/.NET, ASP.NET, Javascript, Oracle, Workflow
  • MORE
  • Video Analyse of road traffic for the Canton of Uri.
  • Project Manager
    .NET Engineer

  • Technologies : C#/.NET, Python, OpenCV, FFmpeg
  • MORE
  • M-BBM
  • Integration and projection of acoustic data on a map, realized for Müller-BBM.
  • Project Manager
    GIS Architect
    .NET Engineer
  • Technologies : Esri ArcGis, PostGis, OL3, NetTopologySuite
  • MORE
  • G/TECH
  • G/Technology (network management tool from Intergraph) Training of SBB users.
  • Translation of training materials
    Planning and providing trainings
    Support and motivation
  • Technologies : Intergraph G/Technology
  • MORE

What else ?

I have a Master in Software Engineering, obtained with honors at the Université de Franche-Comté.
I regularly improve my GIS Knowledge with further trainings, courses, webinars.
I also followed a Process Com' course, in order to improve my emotional intelligence,
and to understand, motivate, and communicate effectively with others.
I can read, speak and write french, english and german.
I'm currently working at Unit Solutions in Allschwil (BL).

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 Somewhere between Basel and Bernwiller

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