Hi there, I'm Guillaume.
I am a coder and a GIS expert. If you don't know what GIS is, it is related to geographical data and online maps.
I'm trying hard to become a hacker too.
I'm currently working for Basel-City, where I'm in charge of the geoportal and of the software architecture. I am doing my best to improve our GIS infrastructure as well.
For some time now, I'm at the head of the GeoMapFish Project Steering Committee.
I organise User-Groups and monitor inter-cantonal developments.
From time to time, I give lectures in schools or GIS events. I also give training courses.
I really like to share my knowledge and to learn from others.
My hobbies: playing escape rooms and board games, travelling with my family, cooking delicious meals. I'm also interested in science and I read quite a bit.